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If you have a Pyramid product in Europe that requires calibration or repair, you must obtain a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number before returning it to our UK service centre. Call us or email with details of your product type, serial number and a fault description and we shall issue the RMA together with details of where to send the product, text for shipping documentation and any special packaging required. If the product is out of warranty, we shall require a purchase order number to cover the repair and testing costs.  If you choose to have your product fully re-qualified, you may choose to purchase new warranty.

If you have general questions about your product you can post your question directly to the Pyramid Service Desk: 

Pyramid Service Desk

If you obtained your Pyramid product though one of our partners, please contact them directly for service support.

Contacts for service in Europe:

Pyramid Technical Consultants Europe, Ltd.
The Barn First Floor Office
Golden Square
Henfield BN5 9DP, UK

Tel: +44 1273 492002 (UK)


Background reference information about Pyramid products and their applications.

TN0001 Useful formulae for high energy ion beam systems

TN0002 Simple graphics for beam defleciton in dipoles and quadrupoles

TN0003 Calibration of current and charge measuring devices

TN0004 Some useful parameters of medical proton beams

TN0005 LabVIEW interfaces to Pyramid devices using serial ASCII

TN0006 High voltage module options for Pyramid products

TN0007 Local radiation dose in water from proton beams

TN0008 Connecting Pyramid products to customer software using IG2/EPICS

TN0009 Linux Distributions of PTCDiagnosticG2

TN0010 Gaussian Fitting Software

TN0011 Current measurement – F or I device?

TN0012 Resolution enhancement on the IC101 and I404 electrometers

TN0013 Measuring accumulated charge on I-series products

TN0014 Installing the PTC DiagnosticG2 software on Ubuntu Linux

TN0015 Pulse measurement using sodium iodide scintillation detectors

TN0016 Cooling water requirements for magnet coils

TN0017 Firmware compatibility in Pyramid G2 products

TN0018 Fiber optic cable for Pyramid products


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