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Pyramid Technical Consultants Europe, Ltd.

We are the subsidiary of Pyramid Technical Consultants, Inc., providing technical consultancy, calibration and service support of Pyramid products throughout the EU.

Pyramid Technical Consultants supplies innovative products such as
multistrip ionization chambers for high-energy particle beams
- pixel readout ionization chambers
for high-energy particle beams
- fast electromagnets for pencil-beam scanning particle therapy
- beamline electromagnets

- multichannel low-current measurement systems
- pulse counting systems
- magnetic field measurement devices
realtime control systems for noisy environments using fibre-optic communications.

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Pyramid products are used in semiconductor processing equipment, medical particle therapy systems, accelerator labs and research institutions. We can supply demonstration units for extended evaluation in your own facility. Call to arrange this with us.

Proton Beam Therapy

Pyramid supplies equipment and engineering services to many of the leading medical proton and particle therapy vendors and facilities, and we specialize particularly in nozzle systems and diagnostic devices for pencil beam scanning. Our equipment can be found in proton therapy and carbon therapy centres around the world.

Synchrotron Light Source Beamlines

Together with our partners FMB-Oxford Ltd ( we supply equipment to synchrotron light source beamlines worldwide.


If you need to return a product for service or calibration from within the EU, follow the instructions here.

Quality System

Pyramid Technical Consultants Europe, Ltd. works under the same ISO 9001 procedures and processes as Pyramid Technical Consultants, Inc. The Pyramid Technical Consultants, Inc. quality system is certified by BSI in the USA.

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